Frequently Asked Questions

The United Carparks web portal provides the Users with easy access to pay their season parking fees and manage their season parking needs

It is an option to activate online account. However, it is encourage to activate online.

Under normal circumstances, outstanding invoice will be available tentatively 15th of the month before each quarter month. (15th March, 15th June, 15th September, 15th December)

Please kindly save and download outstanding bill before payment made. You won’t be able to reprint or view the invoice again once payment settled.

Official receipt will be available to view and download within 1 hour upon payment successfully.

We still accept payment for season parking fees via telegraphic transfer, cheque payment, cash via auto payment machine and etc.


Individual pass card holder have to terminate the current pass card and apply a new account under company name.

Web portal support local payment via FPX transaction, i.e. local bank transferred, local debit card payment, local credit card payment.

Activation of online account

In the web portal, click on “pay season fee” or “register”, complete the online personal details page, thereafter, please follow the online instructions to activate.

A letter will be sent to the company to request the company to appoint up to two (2) users. The users will be notified with temporary password and thereafter the user can login to the web portal and follow the online instructions thereon to activate the account.

Season parking are subject to the Terms and Conditions stated in clause 3 and clause 4 of the season parking Terms and Conditions,

In the web portal, click “apply season parking” and please follow online instructions. Subject to season parking bay availability, you may be notified via email of the availability. Once notified, please make payment for the season parking bay, and thereafter collect your season pass card from the car park office.

Login to your online account in the web portal, click terminate season parking and follow the online instructions.

General Question

No, the season parking is based on the parking term as stated in Clause 3 of the Season Parking Terms and Condition.

Season parking is not based on per hour or per utilisation basis.

However, should the user choose to terminate their season parking, they may do so subject to the Terms and Conditions clause 11.2.

The Parking Fee is payable in advance on a quarterly basis before the seventh (7th) day of each quarter.

The non-exclusive license granted to the user is personal to the User and cannot be assigned or transferred without the prior written consent of United Carparks.

To reactivate a pass card which may have been barred, a fee of RM20.00 will be imposed.